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 How much does a website cost?

There is no standard pricing for a website, since cost fluctuates based on features included in the site. I provide prospective clients with a Web Design Planner to stimulate thinking about website goals, objectives and desired features (i.e. website forms, image slideshow, photo gallery, calendar). Contact me for a Web Design Planner.

I try to deliver as much functionality as permitted by a client's budget. Sometimes I recommend a phased approach to get the core website features added first; the remaining features will be phased in over time as budget permits.

 How long will it take to create the website?

This depends on the scope of the website project. In general, small, simple sites take about four weeks; larger sites require additional time depending on the features included in the website project.

 How can I have my website found on Google?

If your website is optimized, it includes search-engine-friendly design techniques and other strategies to boost website rankings. Be aware, however, that an SEO-friendly website is just a start; it does not guarantee high rankings by Google. Google factors a number of items into its ranking algorithm, so you will need to engage in a variety of online marketing activities to improve your ranking.

 Will I be able to update the website myself?

If you want to be able to make your own updates, you will need a Content Management System (CMS). I use the WordPress CMS to build my websites.

 What web hosting platform do you recommend?

I recommend SiteGround, since they offer high-quality managed WordPress hosting. Managed hosting means the hosting provider optimizes your site for performance, helps to ensure your site is secure, and takes regular site backups. Their plans that are reasonably priced for the small business owner.

 Can you update my existing website?

Websites are built using a variety of web technologies, so I would need to look at the site before I could answer this. If it is built on the WordPress or Joomla CMS, it would be possible. If your website is poorly structured with older web design techniques, I would recommend a redesign to modernize and optimize it for the search engines.


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