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I am a local designer providing Roswell web design services to small businesses in the Roswell, Alpharetta, and surrounding metro Atlanta area. As a small business owner myself, I take pride in helping small businesses forge an online presence with a website that is professional, functional, and affordably priced. With a background in software development and business analysis, I have experience interacting with clients, asking the right questions, and creating website solutions that meet their needs. If your business is based locally, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss a viable plan that suits your needs.

Responsive web design for a mobile-friendly website

Roswell web design services for your business

A website built using responsive web design adapts its display to its device, whether on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Since people frequently view websites on devices with various screen sizes and orientations, a quality website should be optimized to provide an adaptive viewing experience.

Unresponsive websites are difficult to read and navigate on smaller devices. Mobile users will quickly abandon this type of website due to its poor viewing experience, resulting in decreased traffic and potential loss of business.

In 2015, Google started including mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor for mobile searches. Given this strategic emphasis by Google, it is important to have a responsive, mobile-friendly website for your business. Contact me to discuss building a mobile-friendly site for your business.

WordPress Web Design

If you want to manage your website on your own, your site must be built on a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS makes it easy for you to make regular updates.

I create my websites using the WordPress CMS powered by the Genesis Framework. WordPress is extremely popular, used by over 60 million people. I use Genesis for all new-client work since the themes are well-coded, search-engine-optimized, customizable, and mobile-friendly.

Web Design Options

The Shared Finance Center Web Design Project
American Expansion Joints Web Design Project
Romeos Fine Arts Web Design Project

I offer three web design options depending on the number of features and degree of customization you desire.

Basic Theme Customization

If this is your first website, or if you have just started a business, you may find that a Genesis theme with some minor customizations will provide a high-quality site that is within a modest budget. I can help you choose a theme and provide basic theme customization to imbue your site with your business's unique brand. Customization includes adding your business logo, color scheme, and other minor modifications.

Enhanced Theme Customization

This option uses a Genesis theme as a starting point and includes features beyond what is provided by a basic theme customization, such as:

  • Customizations to the theme structure to adapt it to your business.
  • Additional features to engage visitors beyond what is included in the theme.
  • Website optimization to help boost search engine rankings.

Engaging Visitors on Your Website

An effective website engages visitors with high quality, interesting, and relevant content. Excellent content increases the amount of time visitors spend on your site and the likelihood they will provide a lead for your business. If a visitor contacts you for a quote or signs up for a newsletter, for example, they are engaging with your content and your business.

To encourage visitors to return to your site, you should provide fresh content, meaning that it should change over time. Having dynamic content makes your content attractive to your visitors and to search engines, which are looking to provide the best possible content to their users. Content that is fresh and unique may be rewarded with higher rankings.

Here are some ways to engage visitors while on your site:

  • A blog with social media share buttons.
  • A blog subscription sign-up form, so people can get your blog posts delivered to their inbox.
  • Collect email addresses via a newsletter sign-up form, so you can keep in touch with current and prospective customers about your business.
  • Strategic call to actions that guide visitors through the site and direct them to a desired action.
  • High quality, visually attractive images.
  • A photo gallery to display attractive images of your products.
  • A calendar to advertise upcoming events.
  • A FAQ page to answer frequently asked questions about your product or service.
  • A resources or educational area to provide helpful information to your target customers.

Website Optimization & Site Security

Website optimization refers to ways in which your website can be optimized to help it rank higher in search engine results. Additionally, website security features help to protect your site from hackers. An enhanced website may include the following features:

  • Keyword research to target keywords for your business.
  • Optimize pages using targeted keywords.
  • Add a WordPress security plugin to monitor and protect website health. If a site is hacked and Google detects it, search engine rankings will be impacted.
  • Add a WordPress caching plugin to increase website performance. Page speed is a Google ranking factor, so a quick loading site is important.

Custom Web Design

If you want your website to have a completely custom look and feel, I can work closely with you to create a custom design built on WordPress using the Genesis Framework. Your custom website will uniquely fit your business brand.

Web Design

Get a professional, mobile-friendly website for your small business.

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Web Maintenance

Get help with ongoing maintenance of your website.

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Local SEO

Establish a local SEO framework for being found by the search engines.

Local SEO

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